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Collage as an art technique involves assembling of different cut particles in different shapes or angles of any material assemble them together or next to each other using glue/gum or any other material until an art piece is created. Collage artists all over the world use different materials such as paper, glass and others use natural found leaves/materials depending on the climatic zone they are located in. Am in Uganda East Africa and Tropical region and here we have banana fibers which offers us fibers. These are collected ,arranged according to color and used as a collage material in making collage paintings. The process of how i use banana fibers to make artworks is clearly explained on my gallery page so that as you read the process you get a look at the artworks as a source of Inspiration. A visual look at the artworks will put you in a better position on how you too can try use the material.
Today, am giving an opportunity to my other fellow Collage and Mixed media artists to experiment to try to use/experiment banana fibers as a collage material in their artworks by giving them a pack of well prepared and color assorted banana fibers for use. Banana fibers can be used or blended with other collage materials such as paper/glue depending on the type of glue you are using. Artists painters who use oil, Charcoal, pastels,acrylics and other types of paints can also paint either on the inner /outer surface of the fibers.
More so to Mixed media artists, the inner surface of fibers if pasted on an already stretched canvas, can be painted on. A pack of prepared banana fibers ready for use includes; Black, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Orche, Brown, White and Cream colors as seen on my exhibited artworks.
Also those who make Dolls can also use banana fibers are material because here we make dolls for kids but research has to be made on how to make it long lasting of the dolls made are to get in contact with water.
Artists who are involved in making Handmade Greeting Cards can also use the fibers.

A pack of prepared banana fibers weighs 2kgs costs $50 (shipping not included). A pack includes fibers of all colors. The fibers are in different sizes and length. This due to  differences in size and height of banana plants. Some are short while others are tall. More so, the fibers dry unevenly because the dry process is by natural means ( and it’s this which creates the much wanted colors) meaning that on a plant its difficult to find a fiber which dry from top to bottom. Thus, we only collect that part of the fiber which is dry and with the desired colors suitable to make an art project. We will select the best fiber colors for your art project.


(i) Contact us and tell us about the type of art you do. i.e Fibers for Collage artists differ with those of artists who want to use them as a canvas for painting.

(ii). Fill in our Fiber order form with your full contact address .
(iii). Click on the BUY NOW BUTTON to complete the payment process.
(iv). Go to your nearest DHL/FEDEX/TNT or Courier company and make a Shipping arrangement to deliver the fibers.
(v). Email us the SHIPPING TRACK NUMBER of your Courier company, once we get the CODE, we will deliver the fibers to that COURIER company.


About Me

Name:Basasira David

Age: 40

Location: Kampala, Uganda


  1. Saddleback College of Art – 2004. Exhibition & demonstration to Conference participants at Twente University
  2. Netherlands – 2006. Mid Wales Open art fair 2010
  3. My Hero Visualized heroism from 2008 – 2017 ( Small artworks Exhibition – Taube Museum of Art 2018.

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