The Process of making Artworks.
The process begins with drawing an art composition on either a plywood/hard paper (of about 350gsm) and clearly shade the tonal values using a pencil/brush.  Dark tonnes are for black & burnt sienna fibers), Lighter tonnes to create perspective in Landscape artworks (white & yellow fibers) well as intermediate tonnes are filled with fibers which are between dark & yellow orche.
The artist cuts tinny pieces of fibers is sizes of 0.5 /1cm or less in different shapes and at different angles (purposely to create shape e.g on Oval/circular shapes). The artist marks the outlines of the composition by using black fibers and starts placing the cut tinny pieces of fibers next to each other using glue/ gum substance available.
The ‘placing of fibers next to each other’ is carefully done putting into consideration the principles of art (Shape, Line – which shows the movement of light and texture).The artist begins with dark tonnes and slowly moves into areas of lighter tones to create depth and perspective. Textural effects too are put into consideration depending on the theme/subject under study. Because of the fact that fibers are cut into tinny pieces of 1cm or less, it means that a single artwork contains hundreds of cut pieces and for every tinny piece of the fiber you see on the artwork, the artist laid a hand on it. Like all other Collage techniques, banana fiber collage too, is time consuming. Thus, it takes a number of days for an artist to complete an artwork.The subject matter for my Collage artworks comes mainly from our historical, social, birds, animals
and our daily lives here in Uganda. CONTACT me if you are interested in buying any of these artworks.