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A Little Introduction

Welcome to Basasira Art Galley, the home of collage Paintings made using  natural found materials i.e banana fibers. We operate in Uganda  East Africa.
The artworks exhibited here are purely made using banana fibers
a natural raw found material and there are no artificial colors on my artworks. Banana fibers are longitudinal stem tissues of approximately 1-1.5 mtrs in height found on a banana plant.
When worn out, they dry up starting from top to bottom and when dry, the outer surfaces turns in different colors of; Black, Burnt Sienna, Brown, White, & Yellow Orche. The dry fibers are collected, the inner tissue is removed and the fibers are further exposed to sunshine remove moisture so that they can be bonded on to any surface with glue. They are then assorted in different tonal colors and use starts as a collage Material. The artist cuts tinny pieces of 1cm or less and assembles them together like in a jig saw puzzle until the artwork is completed. The artist starts with dark colors and ends up with lighter tones of the art composition drawn.
I have exhibited my artworks internationally in SMALL WORKS EXHIBITION – and if you want to see some of my fiber artworks please contact;
Racheal Alfaro – Executive Director
Taube Museum of Art.
2N Main St, Minot ND 58703 USA
email: taube@srt.com
Banana fibers as a raw material are used in making Functional items such as; Handmade Greeting Cards,
Playing items for Kids e.g Dolls, Balls and also in weaving items such as Baskets, Mats, Table Mats.
Visit our GALLERY page to see Artworks, Handmade Greeting Cards and Functional art items.


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    The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they're always looking ahead to something new and exciting. The secret is not to look back.


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